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>i use McVector on an old macintosh for some protein analyses such as:
>calculation of MW, pI, AA composition, hydrophibicity index,
>antigenicity index, protein subsequences (e.g. glycosylation sites),
>proteolytic sites etc.

>is there ANY pc software that does the same things and runs on win95?

>vectorNTI version 5.0 claims to do this, but all they provide are
>links to internet sites. i cannot send out sequences over an unsecured

>thanx, bip


I use Antheprot, which does all this and much more, with nice graphics. It 
uses Prosite for site analysis, the file is huge but you do it all on your 
machine if you are worried by security.

Can be found on the EBI server and other such servers. Easiest is to ftp it 
from (yes, just that), in /pub/antheprot/windows. Don't forget to 
download the prosite file. There are also dos and rs6000 versions.


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