anti-phosphoMAP kinase ???

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Fri Jul 31 12:24:35 EST 1998

Hi John,
we use anti-P-MAPkinase from New England Biolabs. It's o.k. .
We are searching for a good anti-P-p38. Do you know a company?

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John Hines wrote:

> I just got word that Promega is no longer going to market their
> anti-phosphoMAP kinase antibody, which I have been using for the past two
> months in western blots.  Wonderful.
> Does anyone have a suggestion regarding where to look for a replacement
> antibody?  I know that Upstate and New England Biolabs have
> anti-phosphoMAP kinase antibodies, but I have never used them.  Has anyone
> had any experience with either of these??
> John
> hines at

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