Vaccuum dialysis?

Chen Ho An chen at
Fri Jul 31 10:47:30 EST 1998

Ian McFarlane (i.mcfarlane at wrote:
: Once upon a time somebody mentioned that there was some trick with
: dialysis tubing and vaccuum that could be performed to concentrate
: proteins (flash dialysis?). Does anyone know how to do this or is my
: memory failing me?

Not sure about dialysis tubings (are they strong enough to withstand
the pressure?), but I know of a product that uses vacuum to concentrte
protein and is probably based on the idea you suggested.  It's called
ProDiCon I think but I can't remember the manufacturer.  If you're
interested, email me and I can dig it up.  Works very well for proteins
that has a tendency to precipitate at high concentration.

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