Staining of PVDF after transfer?

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Tue Mar 3 12:49:14 EST 1998

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> > Hi
> > I have a problem with staining of PVDF-membranes after western-blot
> > transfer.
> > How can I stain the marker or in general my proteins before
> > immunodetection. I tried PonceauS but this didn't work even after adding
> > some methanol the result was not very promising, because only very
> > strong bands were recognized.
> > Does anybody know a more sensitive method?
> > Thanks, Dirk Junghans

Hi Dirk,

what's your recipe for the Ponceau? You have to add something like
Sulfosalicylic acid or TCA to precipitate the protein.
Anyway, the Ponceau stain is very insensitive compared to Amidoblack T etc.

Peter at

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