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Dr. Peter Gegenheimer PGegen at RNAworld.edu
Fri Mar 13 22:35:18 EST 1998

On Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:04:16, hgtsei at med-rz.uni-sb.de (Thomas Seib)

> In article <v03102800b12d5a96b1e5@[]>, walkerc at CLEMSON.EDU
> ("Caroline J. Walker") wrote:
> With the Pharmacia system, air bubbles are no problem at all. I never
> degas any solution. It works very reliable.
> The only disadvantage is the computer software running under OS/2,
> which is a dying platform and of no use for other purposes. However,
> Windows3.1 is also installed and most programs run without problems.

Oops! OS/2 is definitely NOT a dying platform.

  First, It is a non-Windows platform in a Windows world. There are
as many OS/2 users as Mac users, but the OS/2 users are all in the
large corporations which IBM somehow prefers to deal with. OS/2 is
also the second-best-selling network OS for the Intel processor
(behind Windows NT). IBM aggressively markets & develops OS/2, just
not to individual users. OS/2 uses a dynamic desktop like the Mac,
but with real object-orientation (unlike Mac or Windows).

  Second, OS/2 is a _complete_ operating environment; you can do
virtually anything with it more easily than with Win95. (Its only
competitor is WinNT.) For example, I use a native OS/2 word
processor, spreadsheet (better than any Win?? app), graphics apps,
network & internet apps. I also use a few Win3.1 and DOS apps for
which there are no substitutes (not for the Mac, either). My web
site is maintained & run on the OS/2 PC we use in our lab. Also,
don't forget that the LICOR DNA sequencer uses OS/2 to collect and
interpret sequence data from multiple gels simultaneously.

  Third, you are right in that IBM does not plan to support Win95 or
NT programs under OS/2. However, some of the best Windows NT
software was developed on OS/2 and ported to NT. Finally, OS/2 is
one of the few OS's with built-in support for Java programs (i.e. it
runs Java without a browser), and will support--for example--the
Java Molecular Biology Workbench.

  Basically, the OS should be the least of your worries

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