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Thomas Seib hgtsei at med-rz.uni-sb.de
Thu Mar 19 15:00:34 EST 1998

> Oops! OS/2 is definitely NOT a dying platform. 
>   First, It is a non-Windows platform in a Windows world. There are 
> as many OS/2 users as Mac users, but the OS/2 users are all in the 
> large corporations which IBM somehow prefers to deal with. OS/2 is 
> also the second-best-selling network OS for the Intel processor 
> (behind Windows NT). IBM aggressively markets & develops OS/2, just 
> not to individual users. OS/2 uses a dynamic desktop like the Mac, 
> but with real object-orientation (unlike Mac or Windows). 
>   Second, OS/2 is a _complete_ operating environment; you can do 
> virtually anything with it more easily than with Win95. (Its only 
> competitor is WinNT.) For example, I use a native OS/2 word 
> processor, spreadsheet (better than any Win?? app), graphics apps, 
> network & internet apps. I also use a few Win3.1 and DOS apps for 
> which there are no substitutes (not for the Mac, either). My web 
> site is maintained & run on the OS/2 PC we use in our lab. Also, 
> don't forget that the LICOR DNA sequencer uses OS/2 to collect and 
> interpret sequence data from multiple gels simultaneously.
>   Third, you are right in that IBM does not plan to support Win95 or
> NT programs under OS/2. However, some of the best Windows NT 
> software was developed on OS/2 and ported to NT. Finally, OS/2 is 
> one of the few OS's with built-in support for Java programs (i.e. it
> runs Java without a browser), and will support--for example--the 
> Java Molecular Biology Workbench. 
>   Basically, the OS should be the least of your worries 
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Yes, it´s all true what you state about OS/2; I never claimed that Windows
would be the better operating system - sure it is not. However, due
to Bill Gate´s policy, OS/2 may dissapear from the market. You should
have a look how small the percentage of computers on the market is which
are running under OS/2! And also have a look into the archive of the
Biosoftware newsgroup: some people have registrated and counted the types
of machines accessing their homepage over a period of time. If the percentage
of OS/2 machines was more than 6% it was much!
You don´t need to be an expert to know that new commercial software and also
public domain software is mainly developped for the most widespread platforms,
and these are Windows (1) and Macintosh (2). Many programs are not up-dated 
anymore for OS/2. I am sorry but it´s a fact.
This is by no means a value judgement on Windows or OS/2. But very often
quantity kills quality.


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