nondenaturating PAGE

Fei WANG zhangzg at NIC.BMI.AC.CN
Thu Mar 19 23:24:09 EST 1998

I think non-denaturing PAGE is free of SDS and reducing reagent. to improve
the result you try gradient gel.

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Ö÷Ìâ: nondenaturating PAGE

>Who can give me some hints?
>I want to carry out a nondenaturating PAGE. Neither me nor anyone else
>in my lab has ever done this before.
>What is the best buffer system? Can I cast the gel in the same slab gel
>casting device used for SDS-gels?
>What picture would one expect to find if I load the gel with two
>proteins I expect to form a complex? One is 23 kDa with a pI of 6.79 and
>a net charge of -2, the other one is 28 kDa with a pI of 5.06 and a net
>charge of -8.
>I will be happy about any help I can get!

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