James Bassuk bassuk at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 26 00:54:51 EST 1998

Geez.  I read the replies and everyone has made good points.
My input here would be service and the software.
Both companies are solid and back their products well.
How well do you know your sales rep?  My Pharmacia rep is outstanding
and represents her company well.  On the other hand, BioRad has sent
some pretty shady characters by my lab.  A good sales rep will help
you when you need support or service.

with respect to the software....anyone in your group know about
computers?  if you don't have a person, then opt for Win97 cause you
can get help a lot easier than trying 1800 IBM HELP.

OS/2 is pretty slick.....
what kind of computer will you use?  a big fat machine that can do 
it all? or will it be dedicated?

Pharmacia has been in the chromatography business for many years and
they have a solid reputation.

Jim Bassuk
U Washington

On 12 Mar 1998, Caroline J. Walker wrote:

> We are buying an FPLC and are comparing the Biorad Biologic system with the
> Pharmacia FPLC system.  There are some small differences on the specs and
> the prices are about the same so we could use either. What I would like to
> hear is if anyone has feedback on how easy either of these systems is to
> use.  Is the Pharmacia software (OS/2) OK, or is the Windows 95 with the
> Biorad better?  How are the leaks? Design faults?? Reliability? Service?
> 	Would be happy to hear any comments.
> Thanks,
> Caroline

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