transmembrane domains

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Sat Mar 28 13:01:10 EST 1998

Simon Hoffenberg <simonh at> wrote:
> If there is more than 1 transmembrane domain in a protein, what are the
> combinations? For example, 7 domains in receptors coupled to G-proteins or
> 12 in adenylate cyclase. Is it possible to have 2 or 8-9 domains?

If I recall correctly, there are channels which are thought to have eight
transmembrane domains. I cannot spontaneously recall a protein with two
true transmembrane domains. There is caveolin which has both its N- and
C-terminus on the intracellular side of the plasma membrane but this
protein probably forms a hairpin loop within the bilayer since the
amino acid sequence is too short for two transmembrane domains.


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