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Elektrohed elektrohed at
Sat Mar 28 18:11:30 EST 1998

To protein newsgroup,

I am Josh Hyman, a student at Schreiber High School in Port Washington, NY.  I
am currently working on a research project for my Honors Biology class, that
is, the collection and presentation of current research on the topic of Protein

Time is growing short (as it never ceases to do).
I have collected old books and articles (c1988-c1995) and have a good
foundation of knowledge on the subject, but I need to amass ten current (past
year) research articles to reference in my final paper, which is due, oh, say,
Monday.  I gotta work on this timing thing.   :-)

I am not looking for examples of specific proteins and their structures, nor am
I looking for anything relating to the compilation and assortment of these
individual examples, or the databases that hold these records.  I am looking,
specifically, for recent articles that detail experiments that were done to
determine how amino acids and their bonds cluster to form 3-dimensional
polypeptide structures.

I've used the Medline search engine, but it is not very specialized for this
purpose and it's hard to obtain the actual articles; I've used the Nassau
country central database, as well as the three major NYC databases at NYPL.  So
what I need, basically, is a direction to head in... where, specifically,
online or off, could I obtain recent research articles?

I would really appreciate anything that any of you could provide me with,
including library names, Internet resources, citations, and scientists or
oganizations that I could contact.  Thanx!

C ya!   :-)
- Josh

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