Information Request: Differential Scanning Calorimeter

pyoung at pyoung at
Sun May 10 03:41:31 EST 1998


Does anybody ever use Differential Scanning Calorimeter produced by
Calorimetry Science Corporation located in Provoo, Utah?  In particular, I
would like to know whether or not anyone has purchased their CSC 4100 model
multi-cell differential scanning calorimeter.

I am having quite a bit of problems with this scanning calorimeter.  It has a
habit of burning up and emitting smell of burning plastics.

I am wondering whether or not this instrument is designed corretctly.

I had two of these instruments in the last one and half years and they never
operated beyond more than two months.  The one I just received happend to
burn up less than 48 hrs after I received it.

By the way, does anybody know which company manufacture multi-celled DSC
capable of temperature range between -20°C and 200°C.  It seems like less
than a handful of companies produced these instruments.

Thank you for all your help.

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