Peeter Toomik peeter.toomik at
Tue May 12 04:08:00 EST 1998

François Mallet wrote:

> We try to purify a protein from human urine. The goal of our our work is
> to sequence this protein that have an biological activity. However, after
> multiple steps of purification, and although the specific activity of the
> enriched protein increased, this protein remains contaminated with large
> amounts of albumin. Thus we are unable to sequence it.
> Could you give me some advices on the way to discard the albumin.
> Thank you
> Francois mallet

I would first try affinity chromatography on immobilised Cibacron Blue dye
(e.g. Blue Sepharose), it binds albumin very strongly.

Peeter Toomik

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