a question !

med.student! alagor at euroweb.hu
Fri Oct 2 04:13:13 EST 1998

Hi folks,

I finally came across my chapter translocators in the membrane (which I
ended now, next thing on my list will be to read through the nucleas - and
then I am finished and well prepared for my exam).

I read just now about the Na+/K+ pump or ATPase which regulates the
concentration of both those ions inside and outside the cell. I understand
that they find their importantce especially in the second active transport.
I also know by now that the ATPase is consitent out of a alpha helical and
betta ("folded") part (secundary structure of proteins) coded from 5 genes
with various introns.

But..., the book (and here it mentions something, which wasnt even written
in the "Molecular Cell Biology" from a group of Harvard and Oxford
proffessors!),...they mention an antagonsist for the K+, its name being
Ouabain..., its difficult to understand in what respect it is being an
antagonist to the ion (and the book definetley refers to Ouabain being the
antagonist of K+).

Well, if anybody (and in this newsgroup, I think there should be a lot of
you) knows the answer to this mysterious Ouabain, then please

I am just on page 119..., only 45 pages more to go...then I am just in for

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