protein-protein interactions

Alex Hutagalung ah692010 at
Mon Oct 5 14:30:38 EST 1998

For my qualifying exam, I would like to show an interaction between a
chaperone and a soluble cytosolic protein.  Previous experiments
(co-immunoprecipitation, affinity chromatography) have been
unsuccessful, suggesting a transient and/or weak interaction.  Previous
helpful suggestions have been FRET and surface plasmon resonance which
unfortunately can be tricky and difficult to interpret, or so I've
read.  I would like as much as possible to avoid such challenging
experiments for my qualifying exam!!  However, I won't exclude the
possibility of using them.  Yeast two-hybrid is another assay I will
try.  Are there other biochemical assays I might try?  How about
x-linking?  I don't really know anything about how to do such an
experiment and proper controls, conditions, etc.  If anyone can provide
information, that would be extremely helpful.  Thanks.

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