Antibody cocktails for Western blots?

Arul Jayaraman jayarama at
Sat Oct 10 18:21:30 EST 1998

I am studying the acute phase response in post burn situations using two
dimensional gel electrophoresis. I am interested in a set of 6 acute phase
proteins.  While I can do Western blots to identify each protein
individually on 2D gels, this means that I need to run six 2D gels for
each sample. What I really need is to be able to detect as many proteins
as possible on the same gel. My questions are:
1. How many times can one strip and reprobe nitrocellulose membranes for
2. Is it possible to have 'antibody cocktails' (antibodies for many
proteins in one mix) and use that for probing? All the primary antibodies
that I have are from goat and I use HRP detection with the seconday
conjugated antibody

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