Position Available

john collins collins at UMBI.UMD.EDU
Mon Oct 19 14:11:29 EST 1998

Research Assistant Professor, non-tenure track.  Requires Ph.D. in biology,
at least ten years of postdoctoral research on the molecular structure and
interactions of muscle proteins, fifteen or more publications, and
expertise in protein sequencing, chemical modification, HPLC, site-directed
mutagenesis and FRET.  Available immediately; salary $36,000-$39,000 per
year. Minority and female candidates encouraged.  Apply by e-mail
(collins at umbi.umd.edu) to: John H. Collins, Medical Biotechnology Center,
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, 725 W. Lombard Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201, before December 1, 1998.  (Institutional approval

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