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Charles Hardwick krains at pdqmail.bhm.bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 20 08:08:17 EST 1998

john collins wrote:
> Research Assistant Professor, non-tenure track.  Requires Ph.D. in biology,
> at least ten years of postdoctoral research on the molecular structure and
> interactions of muscle proteins, fifteen or more publications, and
> expertise in protein sequencing, chemical modification, HPLC, site-directed
> mutagenesis and FRET.  Available immediately; salary $36,000-$39,000 per
> year. Minority and female candidates encouraged.  Apply by e-mail
> (collins at umbi.umd.edu) to: John H. Collins, Medical Biotechnology Center,
> University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, 725 W. Lombard Street,
> Baltimore, MD 21201, before December 1, 1998.  (Institutional approval
> pending.)

Boy, What a GREAT OFFER!  Just imagine, someone who is 38 or 39 years
and has published 1.5 papers per year since completing his (or her)
can go here and make over $3000 per month! (before taxes).  And the job
little or no job security.  

I'll bet they are lining up.

I don't miss academic research at all.

Charles Hardwick Ph.D

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