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wangqm wrote:

> Hi,everybody
> I am searching for a enzyme which can cut my protein. My protein is
> chimeric one.I want to get a enzyme to cut it, so I can purify the part
> I want. Can anybody inform me the web site or other resourses?
> Much appeciate any help.
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> Zhang Bo
> Department of Experimental Hematology
> Institute of Radiation Medicine
> 27# Taiping Road
> Beijing 100850
> P.R.China
> wangqm at
> AMMS(Academy of Military Medicine Science)

If you created a fusion protein (for example, a GST fusion), and wich to
separate the GST from your protein of interest, you typically decide how to
separate the two before you start the experiment.  I would look at the
information you may have from where you got the vector to make the
construct.  Otherwise, you can try one of the online resources for finding
protein cleavages, and just hope there is something useful (try

Good luck!


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