MS and modifications

Thu Apr 1 16:45:30 EST 1999

On 22 Mar 1999 Kresten Lindorff Larsen <kresten at> asked
> Does anybody know of a web-site or paper where I can find a list of
> posttranslational modifications of proteins and the corresponding change in
> mass of the protein.
The PIR RESID Database of Protein Post-Translational Modifications is
available through
and is described at
The current release 17.00 contains 253 entries including 233 different
naturally occurring post-translational modifications.  The database entries
include average iostope residue weights, most-common isotope residue weights
and the weight differences from the encoded residue.

On 30 Mar 1999 Phil Dynamin <dynamin at> suggested the findmod
facility at Expasy.  That site lists only 26 modifications, provides program
access to only 22 modifications, and provides no descriptive, bibliographic or
structural information.
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