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As a comment; I've heard (somewhere) about people co-purifying
chaperones on Ni2+ -columns. The problems ware apparently solved by
adding ATP - probably releasing a protein-chaperone complex.


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> Dear all,
>     I'm sorry if this is and old one, but I have just come across this
> problem.
> When trying to purify my protein from E. coli as a His-tag fusion, I
> up co-purifiying
> a very abundant 25 Kda protein (according to SDS-PAGE and  mass
> spectrometry)
> that elutes at the same imidazole concentrations.
> My protein is found in inclusion bodies as well as in the soluble
> extract, but the
> contaminant is also found in the soluble and insoluble fractions.
> I carried out an amino acid analysis and found plenty of histidines
> Asx + Glx.
> The database shows that an E. coli  peptidyl-prolyl isomerase of the
> FKBP type has almost
> the same percent composition, (and these proteins have been found to
> bind to Ni2+
> columns very tightly) but its Mw is only around 21 Kda.
> FYI, I'm using the pLEX system (Invitrogen) in the GI724 E. coli
> If this subject is already in the FAQ, please let me know where can I
> access to it.
> Thank you very much
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