Coomassie staining of proteins on PVDF - The answer?

Thorsten Burmester thorsten at
Thu Dec 2 11:58:40 EST 1999

I asked the following question:

> After SDS-PAGE and Western transfer to PVDF I stained the proteins with
> 0.1% Coomassie Blue in H20 dd. Destaining with 50% methanol. To my
> surprise the band of interest was _not_ stained but remained white on a
> light blue background. Other proteins were stained well as expected. Any
> explanation?


According to the Proteomics people I talked to this phenomenon may be
related to a low lysine (K) content of the protein (lack of positive
charges?). I my case about 2 %. King & Jukes average protein 7.5 %.

Thanks for all answers.


Thorsten Burmester
thorsten at

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