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Xia Xuhua xxia at
Sun Dec 5 23:39:40 EST 1999

Lee Hunt <dl.hunt at> wrote:
: Can anyone point me to any web sites that will give me the reverse
: complement of a genomic sequence
: lee

If you have installed my program DAMBE, you can just read the sequences and
click "Sequences|Get complement sequences".

I have released a new version of DAMBE with many enhancement and a
comprehensive help system. The software is available from my web site:

DAMBE is an integrated software package for retrieving, organizing,
manipulating, aligning, graphically displaying, and analyzing molecular
sequence data. Many tools for comparative sequences analysis and extensive
tests of alternative phylogenetic hypotheses have been implemented.
Although DAMBE is mainly for molecular sequence data, allele frequency
data can also be used by DAMBE for calculating genetic distances or
phylogenetic reconstruction. 

DAMBE runs on Windows 95/98/NT (including the MACs that installed the
virtual PC software).

Two installation problems have been addressed by Microsoft and I have
included the links to the Microsoft solutions related to DAMBE

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