Solubility of proteins in non aqueous solvents

Rishi Shukla rshukla at
Mon Dec 6 09:55:53 EST 1999

          Most proteins are soluble in water but some like insulin and zein
(from corn) are predominantly soluble in nonaqueous solvents like ethanol
solutions. My question is: Are there ways to predict what nonaqueous
solvents or nonaqueous solutions (with water) would a protein be soluble in?
I know of some work in the 60's where people just dissolved the protein in
large number of them and check for solubility. But this cannot be done for
all the solvents.
          Please don't waste your resources on directing me to the library.
I am doing my searches. This post is directed towards people who may have
specific references.
thank you,
Rishi Shukla
University of Illinois, Urbana

Rishi Shukla
University of Illinois, Urbana

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