pH-like effect of Calcium on acidic residues

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Dec 10 16:15:38 EST 1999

:Dear readers
:I have heard about people experiencing effects similar to protonation
:(low pH) on acidic residues when calcium was added to protein solutions
:or peptides when studying folding and dynamics of those. Unfortunately
:I've got stuck searching the literature and I cannot find anything but
:pure Ca2+ interaction with calcium binding proteins, and I would be
:interested in a less specific effect.
:Does anybody know about this, and/or can provide me with any reference,
:name or whatsoever?

The only thing tangentially related I can recall is a simple fact that
a lot of people forget that when Ca2+ is added to EGTA, the result is
a strong acidification, even in buffered solutions. Thus, the world is 
full of artefacts where people study pH effects thinking they are Ca2+ 

        - Dima

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