GST dimers

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Sun Dec 12 07:06:30 EST 1999


Colin Rasmussen wrote:
> Alex Blais wrote:
> > I am trying to purify a recombinant protein fused to GST overproduced in
> > E.coli. I have some problems during the purification steps, and I
> > hypothesised that homodimers formation mediated by the GST moiety could
> > be the cause of the problem.
> Two questions:
> How do you know there are dimers?
> Why does that pose a problem?

In a SDS-page, the dimers are no longer stable and one can see C-terminal
degradation products that are as well purified because of the intact
N-terminal GST-part. If you want to have a pure full length protein you have
to do a second purification step. 

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