Essential amino acid requirements

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Mon Dec 13 07:45:35 EST 1999

Diet for a small planet, by Frances Moore Lappe.  Go to a library, it's
over 20 years old.  If they don't have it ask them to get it in on
inter-library loan.  There may be newer books, but this is the only one I
know with this much detail.

River Mouse <riverthemouse at> wrote in article
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> I'm reading that without an adequate balance of the eight essential amino
> acids, the body is incapable of synthesizing tissue from protein.
> surplus protein is reduced to simpler proteins for synthesizing
> non-essential amino acids and/or converted to glucose and potentially to
> fat.
> Another poster suggested that an excessive surplus could also result in
> formation of ill-defined muscle with the potential to break down more
> easily. (Bulky versus lean muscle).
> What ratio are the eight essential proteins needed in? Do these ratios
> change in repairing muscles under extreme duress, i.e. in weightlifting?
> Where can I find reference for the levels of the essential amino acids
> contained in common foods? My particular interest is in vegan foods.

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