Essential amino acid requirements

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> > jules
> No, don't read diet for a small planet. One edition of that book
> contained inaccurate information on protein. Frances Moore Lappe claims
> that you need to "complete" proteins, and besides, she thinks we can
> solve the problem of world hunger without getting rid of socialist third
> world dictators. It's not meat that's the cause of the famine in Africa;
> it's socialism that is the source of the trouble.

Actually, it's civil war, the legacy of colonialism, boundary disputes,
political instability, tribal and interfaith infighting, cash cropping,
natural disasters, and funding of terrorist/militia/rebel/state-sanctioned
thug groups by foreign investors.  You can't just replace one reductive
variable like "meat" with another one like "socialism" and expect to produce
a decent analysis.


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