Essential amino acid requirements

Tom Matthews tomatth at
Mon Dec 13 23:38:45 EST 1999

"Siemel B. Naran" wrote:

> If your body needs a fixed amount everyday, like 2.5 grams of methionine,
> then you could just eats of lots of soy and you'd surely get or exceed the
> minimum requirement of all the proteins.  But through excess, you'd
> overtax your kidneys in getting rid of the nitrogen.

Once more with feeling, READ MY LIPS!
There is no evidence, that high dietary protein is harmful for normally
healthy kidneys!

> If your body needs a fixed ratio everyday, like lysine/methionine should
> be 3.8 even though amount of methionine may be 1.5 or 2.5 or 3.5 grams,
> then no amount of soy will satisfy the requirement.

You body *never* needs a fixed ratio.
It only needs a minimum amount and only can use them to build protein in
a certain ratio (which actually varies with the type of activity and
state of your body and health).
Beyond the limiting protein being used up in that ratio, all the others
are use for fuel, or to make neurotransmitters and other speciallized
things made from some single aminos (like niacin made from tryptophan),
and the rest are excreted.

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