Essential amino acid requirements

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Tom Matthews wrote:
> Stuart Dunn wrote:
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> > River Mouse wrote:
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> > > I'm reading that without an adequate balance of the eight essential amino
> > > acids, the body is incapable of synthesizing tissue from protein. Instead,
> > > surplus protein is reduced to simpler proteins for synthesizing
> > > non-essential amino acids and/or converted to glucose and potentially to
> > > fat.
> > >
> > > Another poster suggested that an excessive surplus could also result in the
> > > formation of ill-defined muscle with the potential to break down more
> > > easily. (Bulky versus lean muscle).
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> > > What ratio are the eight essential proteins needed in? Do these ratios
> > > change in repairing muscles under extreme duress, i.e. in weightlifting?
> > >
> > > Where can I find reference for the levels of the essential amino acids
> > > contained in common foods? My particular interest is in vegan foods.
> > It's not the ratios you need to be concerned with, it's the amounts. As
> > a rule of thumb, anyone eating at least 45 grams of protein a day from
> > sources other than gelatin and watermelon is safe, even if they have
> > active lifestyles. Except for sweets and greasy foods, all commonly
> > eaten vegan foods have "complete" proteins. Go to Walton Feed's website.
> > It has more details.
> Stuart, since you obviously do not know what you are talking about,
> would you please stop jumping in to answer questions with highly
> incorrect answers!
I heard the 45g figure about ten years ago when my parents were putting
my little sister on a diet. They got a long appointment with a
nutritionist who told them that 45g a day was adequate even if she got
the protein from plant sources, even though she was still growing! Keep
in mind that kids need far more protein than a normal adult who is the
same size. Also, she said that protein complementation is unneccessary.
If you go to the website I mentioned with the list of different foods,
you will see that 45 grams is more than adults need.
> This is a science newsgroup, not a rumor mill!
> Please lurk for a while, read some texts, and solidify and correct your
> knowledge for a while instead of leading innocent people astray.
That's what I should be telling you.
> --Tom
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