Essential amino acid requirements

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> detail.
> > > jules
> > No, don't read diet for a small planet. One edition of that book
> > contained inaccurate information on protein. Frances Moore Lappe claims
> > that you need to "complete" proteins, and besides, she thinks we can
> > solve the problem of world hunger without getting rid of socialist third
> > world dictators. It's not meat that's the cause of the famine in Africa;
> > it's socialism that is the source of the trouble.
> Actually, it's civil war, the legacy of colonialism, boundary disputes,
> political instability, tribal and interfaith infighting, cash cropping,
> natural disasters, and funding of terrorist/militia/rebel/state-sanctioned
> thug groups by foreign investors.  You can't just replace one reductive
> variable like "meat" with another one like "socialism" and expect to produce
> a decent analysis.
I guess you're right, but all of the things you listed and my summary of
the current state of affairs over their are really part of the same
problem: violence.
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