Essential amino acid requirements

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>But there are often negative health effects from getting too much of
>something in the same way there are for getting too little. Or am I
>mistaken in believing too much protein, without adequate carbohydrates,
>actually causes muscular breakdown (ketosis) because the body can't
>metabolize the protein properly?

Yes, you are mistaken.  Ketones are produced from fat and are a
way of making the energy/Calories of fat available in water soluable
form, in order to PROTECT against muscular breakdown.

Muscle is the body's storage depot for protein and protein is routinely
mobilized from the muscle to maintain amino acid levels in the blood
between meals.  Someone on a high protein diet at the expense of carbs,
both stores and mobilizes more protein.  More is mobilized because
otherwise the muscles would just get bigger and bigger and bigger.
And the body just doesn't do that without good reason, instead the
excess protein is converted to glucose and if it is in excess of Calorie
needs it gets converted to fat.  And the fat just gets bigger and bigger
and bigger.       8-)>

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