Essential amino acid requirements

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> > > This would be apparent to anyone capable of even
> > > a modicum of thought.
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> > Actually, I was refering to his first statement of fact.
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> >  Stuart Dunn said:
> > > >  Protein intakes far above 100g increase the risk of
> > > > kidney failure, and certain types of protein, such as egg white protein
> > > > and casein, increase the amount of calium that is removed from the
> > > > bloodstream by the kidneys.
> > 
> > All subsequent statements were based on this and I find it highly dubious
> > to say the least.  This statement seems like it could be substaintiated.
> > 

> Go to the Paleolithic diet page and follow the links on milk. Almost any
> website geared toward vegetarians will give the same information.
> Actually, if you read the American Dietetic Association's position
> paper, they do question the protein myth, and if you skim through a
> calorie counter that lists amino acids you will find that only a few
> foods (like oil and sugar) are actually missing any.

First of all, you are the one who made the statement not I.   It is your
resposibility to prove it not mine.  Second, I would be highly dubious of
information on a Vegitarian web page.  I doubt that they critically review
the facts that they present.  They have there agenda and whatever info
they find to propigate their agenda however dubious the info will be
Why don't you go to and find the link to publicmed.  Search it
and tell me what you find.


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