Essential amino acid requirements

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Thu Dec 16 08:38:34 EST 1999

In article <3857B780.36DA at>, Stuart Dunn <dunns99 at> wrote:

> If you're a biochemist, why do you still believe in "incomplete"
> proteins. Go get a calorie counter and a brain.

Staurt you stupid piece of shit.  I am a biochemist/molecular pathologist
and I have read what you have written and I have gone out of my way to
discuss things with you but now you have gone too far (John may not flame
you becuase he is probably a polite guy but I am a rude bastard).  You are
a stupid person not an ignorant one.  I say this because you have been
given the opportunity in learning something yet you have choose not to. 
That makes you stupid. 
If you continue to post to this newsgroup, bionet.molbio.proteins, and do
not offer scientific evidence, NOT THE PROPAGANDA of vegitarian sites,
then I will continue to flame your lame ass.

Peter " the rude one" Pediaditakis

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