Essential amino acid requirements

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> >But there are often negative health effects from getting too much of
> >something in the same way there are for getting too little. Or am I
> >mistaken in believing too much protein, without adequate carbohydrates,
> >actually causes muscular breakdown (ketosis) because the body can't
> >metabolize the protein properly?
> Yes, you are mistaken.  Ketones are produced from fat and are a
> way of making the energy/Calories of fat available in water soluable
> form, in order to PROTECT against muscular breakdown.
> Muscle is the body's storage depot for protein and protein is routinely
> mobilized from the muscle to maintain amino acid levels in the blood
> between meals.  Someone on a high protein diet at the expense of carbs,
> both stores and mobilizes more protein.  More is mobilized because
> otherwise the muscles would just get bigger and bigger and bigger.
> And the body just doesn't do that without good reason, instead the
> excess protein is converted to glucose and if it is in excess of Calorie
> needs it gets converted to fat.  And the fat just gets bigger and bigger
> and bigger.       8-)>

And as illustration of all this just think of rolly-polly fat eskimos
who eat almost no carbohydrate.

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