pH-like effect of Calcium on acidic residues

Jesús Zurdo Alaguero zurdo at
Thu Dec 16 11:09:16 EST 1999

Frank Fuerst wrote:

> Of course Calcium2+, as any ion, would increase the ionic strength of
> the solution, and this in turn alters (decreases) the effect of
> electrostatic interactions, e.g. salt bridges.
> Frank

What I'm talking about is not a simple salting-in salting-out effect by
adding any ion (i.e NaCl) to the protein (if it were so simple, just by
adding any ion we could reproduce pH-mediate denaturation in any protein,
and that's not the case). What I'm interesting in are specific effects of
Ca2+, similar to conformational changes already reported for some proteins
(specific for Ca2+ and/or Mg2+), and related to the shielding of glutamic
acid mainly.

Jesús Zurdo

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