Essential amino acid requirements

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> > Peter said:
> > First of all, you are the one who made the statement not I.   It is your
> > resposibility to prove it not mine.  Second, I would be highly dubious of
> > information on a Vegitarian web page.  I doubt that they critically review
> > the facts that they present.  They have there agenda and whatever info
> > they find to propigate their agenda however dubious the info will be
> > presented.
> > Why don't you go to and find the link to publicmed.  Search it
> > and tell me what you find.
> > 

> The government has an agenda of its own it's trying to promote. When the
> Food Pyramid was being designed, all experts who favored a diet with
> less meat than average were removed from the panel overseeing it. State
> and local governments consulted local food producers when designing
> nutrition information programs. As a result, anyone who makes a career
> out of this sort of thing has to make sure his recommendations are
> consistant with most people's idea of a healthy diet in order to keep
> his job.

Pardon my english but SCREW THE GOVERNMENT.  I am not going to use the
numbers that were released by committee nor do I consider them to
necessarily be acurate.  As a scientist, I will juge for myself after
reviewing the evidence.
  The database publicmed is a link to just about all the research done
throughout the world by scientits such as myself.  The material is
generally peer reveiwed  which means that the experiments are looked at by
at least three different peaple in that field of research.  If the
reviewers believe that the experiments are okay then it is published.  But
it does not stop there.  once published it is further examined by the
scientific field as a whole.  If the conclusions are valid then the next
experiments build on it , if the conclusions are found to be in errror
then it is shot to hell by a subsequent experiment. and so it goes and so
it goes.  Science is a building process and this is how it works in a

Since most peaple do not have the educational background for understanding
the nuances of the research, a watered down usually inaccurate report is
given to the public or some numbers are released by some committee.

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