Essential amino acid requirements

Julien Gauthier julg at
Thu Dec 16 21:21:02 EST 1999

While there is a systematic feeling of conspiracy somewhere, at the very least
one "antagonist" do propose a a rigorous scientific methodology...

...Sorry for my sarcastic tone, but such easy relativism is plainly not an


Hamish Ferguson wrote:

> Hello
> Where would alternative diets be without some type of Government conspiracy
> associated with the mainstream diet?
> Hamish
> Stuart Dunn wrote in message
> >The government has an agenda of its own it's trying to promote. When the
> >Food Pyramid was being designed, all experts who favored a diet with
> >less meat than average were removed from the panel overseeing it. State
> >and local governments consulted local food producers when designing
> >nutrition information programs. As a result, anyone who makes a career
> >out of this sort of thing has to make sure his recommendations are
> >consistant with most people's idea of a healthy diet in order to keep
> >his job.

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