Essential amino acid requirements

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> Vegans aren't anti-protein- that's a gross generalization. 

Not anti protein but protein phobic.

>But we do get
> sick of people trying to shove supplements down our throat, when study
> after study has shown western vegans already get more than enough. I got
> 60-80 g a day without even trying- on a 1200 calorie diet (no, that's
> not my normal caloric intake, I was really on a diet).

For an athlete, 60-80 grams might very well be to low.

> But there are often negative health effects from getting too much of
> something in the same way there are for getting too little. Or am I
> mistaken in believing too much protein, without adequate carbohydrates,
> actually causes muscular breakdown (ketosis) because the body can't
> metabolize the protein properly?

You are incorrect.

Will Brink

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