Essential amino acid requirements

Stuart Dunn dunns99 at
Fri Dec 17 09:58:53 EST 1999

Bill R wrote:
> pathos wrote
> > Stuart Dunn <dunns99 at> wrote:
> >
> > > If you're a biochemist, why do you still believe in "incomplete"
> > > proteins. Go get a calorie counter and a brain.
> >
> > Staurt you stupid piece of shit.  I am a biochemist/molecular pathologist
> > and I have read what you have written and I have gone out of my way to
> > discuss things with you but now you have gone too far (John may not flame
> > you becuase he is probably a polite guy but I am a rude bastard).  You are
> > a stupid person not an ignorant one.  I say this because you have been
> > given the opportunity in learning something yet you have choose not to.
> > That makes you stupid.
> > If you continue to post to this newsgroup, bionet.molbio.proteins, and do
> > not offer scientific evidence, NOT THE PROPAGANDA of vegitarian sites,
> > then I will continue to flame your lame ass.
> Don't worry, Dr Pediaditakis: he is crossposting to
> where we have an Idiot of the Month award  (in months where there is a
> suitable idiot) and there can be little doubt that Stuart Dunn is the
> soon-to-be-inaugurated IOM December 1999.
> WR
Anyone who thinks they can develop muscle mass by increasing their
protein intake probably has an IQ lower than his shoe size.

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