Essential amino acid requirements

joe record jrecord at
Sat Dec 18 10:08:32 EST 1999

go get 'em babe!

compassion! our dude has been in the firing line  for a long time......and he's
the only tom we've got ..... just like you
motherfucker but in a different bag and with a different ballgame. same trip -
information is where you find it....
sometimes one of your posts is a turnon and an invitation
to novel experience.......
           comprehendez// throwing the baby out with the bath water ( we have
alien psyche implant specialists on your case john! the determined effort is to
GENIUS YOU......rough ride man!)

( i often wonder what you actually look like.......&
i see a big fat cunt with a big mouth......forgive me its a tough trip being a
body fascist! and these things are so
deceptive// maybe you are a 45 year old chick that works in a nursing home and
does this for grins because she does not have time for dinkum amateur dramatic

but in the end who gives a stuff........jesus wanks//there has been lots of time
to get it together who needs the head trip!

ok tom! frantic dancining!
keep happy hunting for pink cunting........
love has a fine flavour in the frost!

John Gohde wrote:

> Tom Matthews <tomatth at> wrote in message
> > Am I the only one who has noticed that the level of discourse on this
> > newsgroup (smn) is at an all-time low?
> > That is a really asinine answer!
> > Do you really need to say that?
> > Please learn some facts before answering!
> First of all, I replied to your post and your post is cross posted to
> several newsgroups and not just to smn.
> No I have not noticed it.  It could be your testy attitude, as documented by
> your above comments.
> It certainly is NOT due to me.  I started an interesting thread on cancer.
> I don't recall you participating.  I started an interesting thread on
> tomatoes.  I don't recall you participating.  I started an interesting
> thread on vegetarianism. I don't recall you participating.  I started an
> interesting thread on how the body only requires a maximum of 15% protein
> (under normal circumstances) for both athletes and sedentary people (which
> was documented by 4 different abstracts).  But, once again you did NOT
> participate.
> I leave you with the following maxim:  Perception is Reality.
> This newsgroup ain't broken, but your perception of smn is.
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