Essential amino acid requirements

Tommy Bowen tommy at
Tue Dec 21 09:25:43 EST 1999

<murphyac at> wrote in message news:83mi0f$ovr$1 at
> Please, please, please stop cross-posting this thread to bionet.molbio.
> proteins.  Bionet.molbio.proteins is a *technical* newsgroup, where
> scientists who work with proteins discuss methods of synthesis,
> isolation, purification, quantitation and analysis of proteins.  This
> continuing argument about nutritional values does not belong in that
> newsgroup.  According to dejanews, there are now 144 posts in the
> thread, and they far outnumber the technical posts.  Please, stop the
> cross-posts.
> Angela C. Murphy, peptide chemist

   Most newreaders allow you to ignore entire threads.  I do find it
interesting to note that you didn't take the effort to remove
bionet.molbio.proteins as you were crossposting as well.

- Tommy

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