Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Dec 27 16:03:01 EST 1999

:Hello, can anybody tell me where i can get info for a non medical educated
:person abouth protein-s. I resently got info that i and my family have this
:lack of protei-s, would be grateful for help and advice in thise matter:

For a serous medical advice you really should seek a good doctor.
Some basic info can be found in your nearest medical library (any 
university has one). Here is the utterly non-medical and non-professional 
info: Protein S helps to inactivate activated coagulation factors (factor 
V, AFAIR?). Given this, I imagine the deficiency in Protein S will lead to 
an increased risk of thrombosis-related heart deseases and strokes. 


        - Dima

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