Protein Selection

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Tue Dec 28 12:12:55 EST 1999

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:Which methods could be used to produce large amounts of X.

:X is a gene found in a tropical beetle.

Most certainly it then has to be cloned and expressed as
recombinant protein. Baculovirus system will work for sure 
(since it is also insect), but yeasts are worth trying as there
is a non-zero chance that glycosylation in Pichia might result
in active protein. 

:X has theraputic values.

Wellll........ :-)

:X is a 70KDa glycoprotein whose active form is a trimer.
:Glycosylation is essential for its activities.

Glycosylate proteins can be conveniently purified on immobilized
lectin columns. Which one will work can only be found empyrically.
Recombinant protein can be tagged and purified based on tag, too.

        - Dima

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