activity stain for B-Glucosidase

Chris H Lindley chris at
Fri Jan 22 14:17:49 EST 1999

On 20 Jan 1999 13:14:11 -0800, DOCTORHIM at AOL.COM wrote:
>Use methylumbellyferyl-beta-glucopyranoside from  Sigma.   Your protein band ,
>if active,  will fluoresce when viewed on a UV transilluminator.


How reliable is this?

i.e. I have afusion protein with Beta-gal at the end of it. I'm using this
as a screen to detect cleavage by a protease.

i.e with cleavage I get a much smaller protein. without much larger etc..
both size fusion proteins have active beta-gal activity.

Could I therefore use whole cell extracts on Native PAGE, and use this
reagaent to easily detect size changes? (it's in C.elegans)

(Clutching at straws here as the screen is not working very well!!!)

A reference using this substrate would be very welcome


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