Protein solublisation

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Sun Jan 31 09:42:49 EST 1999

try to use 0.2 M Phospate buffer with pH at differnet ranges of 6.0 to 7.5 and
see the result

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Peter Ashton wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a mixture of glycoproteins that I have ammonium sulphate precipitated
> from culture supernatants. I have dialysed the samples extensively against
> PBS to get rid of the ammonium sulphate, but I am having extreme problems
> getting them back into solution. I have tried all of the methods that I can
> find including:
> 8M Urea (plus sonication)
> 6M Guanidium-HCl (plus sonication)
> SDS-PAGE sample buffer (and boiling for 30 minutes)
> Glacial acetic acid
> In every case, the pellet sits there happily at the bottom of the tube and
> completely refuses to go back into solution.
> Does anyone have any other methods that I could try?
> Thanks
> Pete Ashton
> University of York, UK
> pda2 at

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