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Silke Beismann <sbeisma at> wrote:
> during my protein purification I have a lot of trouble to get rid of
> nucleic acids. I have to use high amounts of Benzonase, dialyse
> extensively, use several chromatography columns and so on. Now I read in
> a paper a protocoll for streptomycin sulfate precipitation of nucleic
> acids. Has anyone used this method before? Is it mild to the protein and
> efficiently in respect of the nucleic acids?

Our lab used this when purifying recombinant phosducin from E.coli
before applying the supernatant to a MonoQ column. The reference is
probably either
       Bauer PH, Müller, Puzicha M, Pippig S, Obermaier B, Helmreich EJM,
       Lohse MJ: Phosducin is a protein kinase A-regulated G-protein
       regulator. Nature 358: 73-76 (1992).
       Hekman M, Bauer PH, Söhlemann P, Lohse MJ: Phosducin inhibits
       receptor phosphorylation by the beta-adrenergic receptor kinase in
       a PKA-regulated manner. FEBS Lett. 343: 120-124 (1994).
However, since then the lab has switched to using his-tagged proteins,
simply because the protein purification is much more convenient (no HPLC
needed for same purity).

Hope that helps,

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