Cross-linking protein to a column??

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Wed Jun 23 20:00:44 EST 1999

In article <7kpofb$ec5$1 at>, plato at (SNL) wrote:
:I'm looking for information on how to attach a protein of interest that
:binds DNA onto a column, and using the column to purify specific DNA
:Any references appreciated.  Anyone know of a kit that can attach protein
:to some sort of bead to make a column?  

There are many ways of doing this. Check Sigma, Bio-Rad, 
Pharmacia catalogs, "pre-activated sorbents" sections. Also, check 
your nearest library for books on "affinity chromatography". It really is 
simple: You buy appropriate sorbent and add to it protein solution of 
appropriate concentration in appropriate buffer. What is "appropriate"
depends on your exact application and other variables. 

        - Dima

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