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Pierre Rodrigues <pirod at> wrote:

>We are trying to look at oligomers of an integral protein. We compared
>gel filtration (by HPLC) to sucrose gradients and obtained opposite
>results: in HPLC, most of the protein was eluted on a 300-400 kDa range
>whereas gradient elution was around monomer size!
Dear Pierre,

is it possible that sucrose "de-polymerizes" your protein? Try using
sucrose in your HPLC buffers to see if that changes things (though not
too high a concentration as you'll probably get a very high
back-pressure). You might take a look at Schägger's blue native
electrophoresis of membrane proteins with coomassie blue. Here's a
Human diseases with defects in oxidative phosphorylation. 2. F1F0
ATP-synthase defects in Alzheimer disease revealed by blue native
polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. 
Schagger-H; Ohm-TG 
Eur-J-Biochem.1995 Feb 1; 227(3): 916-21. 

Hope this helps,

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