Workstation for chromatography?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Wed Oct 6 20:27:46 EST 1999

In article <99Oct6.081409gmt+0100.19717 at>, tob at wrote:
>Hi netters
>I need some information about workstations for chromatography. I know about
> Pharmacias Äkta system 

Can't comment here. Sceptical a bit because it doe snot look like 
it can be conveniently used in the cold room. Apart from this, Pharmacia
chtomatography systems are of superior quality (but very expensive!). 

>and PEbiosystems Biocad. 

We have one rather older Biocad. Unless they have modified the 
machine completely, it is a disaster. Even if it's much cheaper, I 
wouldn't recommend it. 

>What other alternatives are
> there on the market?

Bio-Rad sells something along these lines, and Pharmacia, I think, 
has not completely abandoned its "simple" FPLC line (I love it). 

        - Dima

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