Photoactivated proteins in intact leykocytes

Frank Fuerst ffrank at
Tue Oct 19 11:58:13 EST 1999

Dmitri Lapotko wrote:
> Dear Group,
> I apologize for using this group for posting a question but any your
> input will be highly appreciated. I am a physicist and I met some problems during
> attempt to calibrate our equipment (photothermal microscope) for measuring living
> WBC properties. Could you advice please about:
> 1. What is absorption spectrum for intact WBC in visible range?
> 2. Are there any natural photoactivated proteins?
> 3. What are light absorption wavelengths for them, range of interest is 400-600 nm?
> 4. What are molecular mechanisms for such photoactivation?

I don't even know what the abbreviation WBC means, and I'm not sure
what you're meaning with photoactivated. Of course there's a lot of
proteins whose function is to interact in some way with light (light
harvesting complex, photosystem, light receptors, green flourescent
protein etc.) Or do you mean that the active site of an enzyme is only
correctly constituted after a photoreaction has occured? I can't
imagine this, but there's cofactors that are synthesized

By the way there might be better groups to ask this question perhaps
one where you can expect people to know what a photothermal microscope

Hope this helps _a_little_

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